Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parker is an Angel!

Parker did great! He LOVES playing pitcher, even though he didn't get to do it that often.
Best part about it-Brooks got to be the assistant coach.
Parker has a real talent for playing catcher
He does really good at that position!
Alexia and Kyler got their first jobs this year in the snack bar. They loved working, or I
might say they loved getting paid to work!

Parker got to go to a Bee's game and stand on the feild with the players for a dream team event.



time at Lexi's showcase!
She had so many supporters. Marci and Katelynn
flew in just for her. Aunt Ruthanne and
Susan. Uncle Cory and Reid. Cousins who also
got to perform as azur-minis-Sammy, Cara
and Emmy. and our neighbor Sarah and her kids.
Grandma Fuller, and of course
her brothers
and Kyler's friend Austin.

They performed all
of their dances from the year
and some.
Afterwards we went to Chilies
for a fun dinner
with Marci and Katelynn.
This has been a
fun year watching
Alexia become such an amazing

Monday, March 14, 2011

Disney Land

Disney Land!!

We had such a fun vacation! Always goes too fast!!
Started on Tuesday night with a late drive to St George and a old little motel room.
Sleep, not happening.
Woke up and left by 4:00 am.
Arrived in California in great time,
until our GPS took us a little detour in the opposite direction of Disney!
Where were you Fosters?
From that point on it was all walking and riding our favorite rides.
Eating and loving the 80 degree weather!!
Our favorite place to be in Disney is Adventure Land.
We always seem to end up back there.
We start our day with the Indian Jones
ride and end our day there!
So much fun.

At the end of each day our feet and legs were so sore we could hardly move!
Hope that helped burn off all the fun frozen lemonades and junk food we ate!
Wednesday and Thursday were the best, short lines and not that crowded!
Friday morning got woken up with
a 4:00am text
warning us about the tsunami heading for
California because of the earthquake
in Japan. That was a pretty scary, tense morning
watching the news and wondering if
we would be OK.
Our friends the Selins made a last minute decision to go there too.
We caught up with them a couple times and had a lot of fun!

And most importantly:
Alexia's drill team took 1st place at the National drill competition that we really went down for!!!
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Alexia! Fun day of shopping and eating!
It has been a busy, busy 2 weeks. Started of with Brooks
cutting a hole out in our front room to take Posted by Picasa
down a wall. That was suppose to be
one day project.
Found electical wires-
2 day project.
Discovered it is
a weight bearing wall.
1 week project.
Alexia team competed at a Region
Compitition and took 2nd place. Very exciting.
Alexia turned 16, had two parties
even with the hole in the wall!
Then she competed at the state competition and they took 3rd place.
Fun fun January!
No, hole in the wall is not finished. 2+ week project.
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Copper Hills Takes 3rd in State!!
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